Have you ever dreamed of working with design, size, and selection of process equipment for the industry or just perform process analysis like a real process engineer? Applying to Aspen Plus Booster, I will teach you one of most required skill to make your dream come true.
A quick search on LinkedIn and you will find many companies that look for process engineers skilled in Aspen Plus. Some examples...
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Job requirement 
Process Design including process simulations (Aspen Plus preferred).
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Job requirement
Process simulation experience in Aspen Plus, or comparable software.
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Job requirement
Proficient in simulation software such as Aspen Plus and HYSYS.
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Job requirement
Hands on experience in simulations & optimization tools (Aspen Plus and PRO-II)

You can start from absolute zero at your own pace and schedule

Instant access to the 6 Aspen Plus Booster online training module. You do not need to block your agenda or lose any event to learn everything you need to build your process simulation on Aspen Plus 
Aspen Plus Booster was designed in a way to let easier to you review any topic you need without spending hours of your time. Extra material available to improve your knowledge and skill in Aspen Plus.
Full online support in the training platform to answer all your questions and clarify any issue you have. Forget about online courses without support for the students. In the Aspen Plus Booster you got  mentor.

What is the methodology behind ASPEN PLUS BOOSTER?

Step by step approach to teach you everything you must know to start your process simulation today:
  • 01 - Start Here

    6 classes

    This module is a preparation for everything I will teach you in the Aspen Plus Booster training program. Aspen Plus learning path, installation and process simulation steps are some of the topics in this module that will strengthen you knowledge about Aspen Plus.
  • 02 - Getting Familiar

    15 classes

    To speed up you need first get familiar with the software. Here, besides over viewing basic information you will learn how to add different types of components for your process simulation and how to analyse different characteristics of components. I will teach you the basis of any process simulation in Aspen Plus.
  • 03 - Unit Operations

    29 classes

    For sure the longest and most fun part of the training where you will learn how to add, set and simulate dozen of objects in Aspen Plus including pumps, single stage compressor, multi stage compressor, pipe and pipelines, valves, 2 and 3 phase separators, decanters, heater, cooler, shortcut heat exchangers, rigorous heat exchangers, shortcut columns, rigorous columns, columns internals, all types of steady state reactors and other features. After this module, you will be able to add and simulate most of equipment available in chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas industry.
  • 04 - Converge

    4 classes

    Time to understand more details about how Aspen HPlus performs calculations and how to deal with tear and recycle streams in your process simulation. This module will help you in many complex processes.
  • 05 - Analysis and Tools

    4 classes

    This module is dedicated to teach you how to deal with sensitivity analysis, be able to define specification for equipment and add customized calculation blocks in your process simulation. In summary, you will get in touch with the core business of a process engineer.
  • 06 - Reporting Results

    6 classes

    Once you have learned everything you need to build your process simulation it is time to learn how to get, organize and export results you need to develop engineering documents and / or add  them in process engineering reports.
Apply now to get these 2 exclusives bonuses for free:
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Plant Design Workshop $99.95 USD
Exclusive 4 days workshop recording to teach you the roles and responsibilities of a process engineer in plant design where I teach you plant design fundamentals and main considerations for pipe systems, rotating equipment and heat exchangers in the real life. This workshop will reveal what people never told you about chemical process engineering and plant design. It will give you valuable information for process engineering job interviews.    
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Build Your Process Career $49.95 USD 
What comes next you finish your Aspen Plus Booster training program and get skilled in Aspen Plus process simulation? I teach you the secrets behind a successful career in this bonus where you will learn the correct way to build your career as a process engineer. You will get access to knowledge I spent 40 years to be familiar with, and regret to not had a mentor to tell me them sooner.
What students says about Jeferson Costa
I am just releasing Aspen Plus Booster but your can find what students say about my others programs.
He (Jeferson Costa) is very cooperative and always be in touch during entire training program. He is also giving detail explanation for each and every questions and your doubts.
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Meet Prajapati
Plant Engineer (Utilities) at Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited
I am thrilled to announce that I have completed Aspen HYSYS Inprocess Booster Training Program which was organised by Jeferson Costa Sir, I am grateful to have mentor like you.#processengineering #aspentech #chemicalengineering
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Sumit Katkar
Process Engineer at Ingenero Technologies Pvt Ltd
I am grateful to God Almighty for crowning this year with His goodness. He alone has made this a possibility. Special thanks to Jeferson Costa for your encouragement. I am now a certified Aspen Hysys user. #aspenhysys #aspentech
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Michael Osikibo
Process Operator II at Enerflex
It was a very stunning understanding throughout the course.
Note: if you want to be a #processengineer then this training program could the one you can start with. 
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Yash Lathiya
Plant Engineer (Caprolactam - II) at Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited
Once your purchase is confirmed you will receive instant access to Aspen Plus Booster training program and its all 6 modules with everything you need to build your process simulation today. 

If for any reason in the first 15 days you regret or prefer to not have me as your guide anymore, you just need to access your profile and click in one button to cancel your subscription and get your full money back with no questions asked. 

Very limited release offer! 
Apply today to get:

Training Instant Access $197.95 USD 
Exclusive bonuses $149.90 USD
Certificate of completion
From $ 347.85 for only
$99.95 USD
12 months subscription
I am a process engineer with expertise in chemical process engineering and plant design.

Since 2018, I teach students, graduates and engineers how to work with chemical process engineering and plant design on my social media and also as a mentor in my INPROCESS BOOSTER training program.

Aspen Plus Booster training was the way I found to help people with lack of skill in Aspen Plus.

If you dream of becoming a process  engineer, I am here to be your mentor.

Frequent Questions:
If your question was not answered, mail to

  • How long to complete the training?

    Currently, Aspen Plus Booster training program has more than 12h of video classes, not to mention extra materials like guidelines, pdf etc. In any case, because I have students around the world and some of them work in shifts, I give you 12 months access to the training platform. After 12 months, you are able to renew your subscription to keep access to all content and new materials added to the training.
  • Will I have access to certificate?

    Yes, the certificate is issued when the student complies with some requirements.
  • Which are the payment methods available?

    Hotmart is the exclusive gateway for training program payment because they manage the training platform access. You can use any one of the methods offered by Hotmart (Credit Card, PayPal, Google Pay etc). I let all options available to you. When using PayPal, make sure you have authorized automatic currency conversion. Some people face issues in the payment because not checking this option. I am not able to receive direct payment. If needed (in countries that do not allows international payment), ask for a relative or a friend to help you with a legit payment method.
  • When will I have access to the training?

    Once your payment is approved, Hotmart will send you an automatic email with instructions to get instant access to the training platform. So stay alert to emails in your webmail and spam box after you do your payment. If you not receive email with access in minutes, maybe there were some issue with the payment method. You can email me to verify your payment status, however I am not able to solve issues between you and your credit card or bank account.
  • I do not have software installed, will be provided links to download Aspen Plus?

    Aspen Plus is available in the AspenOne Engineering package with Aspen Hysys, Aspen Plus and EDR. You can get access to Aspen Plus in your job, University or searching for "AspenOne Engineering download" on Google. I do not have any relationship with AspenTech and their products.

Ready to get skilled on Aspen Plus?

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